How Smart Lights Can Improve Your Home Security

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By tom.baldridge

With crime rates rising across many parts of the country, homeowners are looking for affordable and convenient ways to improve their home security. One option that is growing in popularity is installing smart lights.

Smart lights provide a range of automated, remote control, and integration capabilities that can significantly enhance your home’s security in several key ways. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of using smart lighting for security and review some of the top-rated smart light models on the market today.

What Are Smart Lights?

Before we dive into the security benefits, let’s quickly cover the basics of what makes smart lights “smart.” Smart light bulbs are LED lighting systems that you can control and automate through a smartphone app or voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.

Key features that set smart lights apart include:

  • Remote access – Control your lights anywhere via app even when away from home.
  • Automation – Create schedules and rules for lights to turn on/off automatically at set times or in response to triggers.
  • Multi-Color – Many smart lights can display a full spectrum of colors to set any mood or scene.
  • Dimming – Adjust brightness levels to suit any need.
  • Scenes – Program customized lighting presets for one-touch activation.

Now let’s look at how all these capabilities can significantly improve your home’s security.

Top-Rated Smart Light Models

Before we dive into the specific security benefits, here’s a quick look at some of the most popular and highest rated smart light models on the market according to Amazon reviews:

  • Philips Hue – Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Control colors, dimming, and scenes through smartphone app.
  • Wyze Bulb – Very affordable. 16 million color options. App and voice control via Alexa/Google.
  • Sengled Smart WiFi LED – Alexa/Google compatible. Schedule automation and control with app.
  • Kasa Smart Light Bulbs – Alexa/Google compatible. Color and dimming control through app.
  • Meross Smart WiFi LED Bulb – Alexa/Google compatible. Schedule automation and control via app.

These are great options to consider. Let’s look at how they can enhance your home’s security.

Deter Intruders With Automated Lighting

Security Light Bulbs vs. Traditional Cameras

One of the most effective ways smart lights improve home security is by deterring potential intruders. Burglars typically look for homes that appear unoccupied and have no activity.

With smart lighting, you can create the illusion of occupancy even when you’re not home. Setting schedules and automation rules will randomly turn lights on and off in different areas of your home throughout the day and night.

This unpredictable activity makes it seem like someone is home, deterring criminals who prefer to break into dark, silent homes. You can even tailor scenes to mimic daily routines like having kitchen lights turn on in the evening as if dinner is being prepared.

For outdoor lighting, connect motion sensors that will automatically turn on exterior smart lights when anyone approaches the house. No need to keep lights on all night – the motion activation provides natural dynamic lighting.

Control Lights Remotely From Your Phone

Smart Lights

Another advantage of smart lighting for security is the ability to control your lights remotely from your smartphone, even when you’re away from home.

With the tap of a button, you can turn interior or exterior lights on and off in patterns that give the impression that someone is actively moving throughout your home. This can deter intruders from targeting your house when you’re not physically there.

You never need to come home to a dark house again. Just open your lighting app and activate customized “arriving home” scenes to have pathway lights and interior lights turn on for safety and visibility before you even get to your front door.

And you can do the reverse when leaving your house to make it appear unoccupied. The remote control capabilities of smart lighting let you take command of the lighting security from anywhere.

Create Custom “Away” Lighting Scenes

Smart Lights

Speaking of making your home look occupied when you’re away, programming custom lighting scenes is another great security benefit of smart bulbs.

Before going on vacation, you can set up an “away mode” scene to have different lights in multiple rooms turn on and off at varying times in realistic patterns. This automated randomness when you’re not home can deter potential intruders from targeting your house.

You have flexibility to tailor the scene specifically to your normal routines. Have kitchen lights switch on in the morning, hallway lights late evening, and television lighting in the bedroom on sporadically.

The key is avoiding a predictable repeating loop by programming in some randomness and overlaps. This maintains the illusion of people moving within the home.

Integrate With Security Cameras and Sensors

For optimal home security, consider integrating your smart lighting with other smart devices like security cameras, motion sensors, and alarm systems.

You can set up powerful automations such as exterior lights flashing red when your alarm system is triggered, or your smart speaker announcing “Motion detected on front porch!” when a camera detects movement outside coupled with your porch light turning on.

Activity notifications validate something is happening before you contact the authorities or take other action. This integrated lighting response can startle intruders and make them think twice.

Smart lights add an extra layer of security on top of your other connected home devices.

Brighten Up Your Home’s Security

Beyond just deterring criminals, smart lights also improve home security by increasing visibility and reducing safety risks.

Having smart bulbs in staircases, hallways, and entry points on automation allows these areas to brightly illuminate as soon as you (or an intruder) enter the space.

No more stumbling down dark stairs or accidentally leaving doors unlocked. The programmed lighting activations increase visibility to keep your home secure.

Enhance Your Security With Smart Lighting

As you can see, the unique capabilities of smart lighting can significantly enhance your home’s security to reduce crime risks. Automating unpredictable patterns, controlling remotely, creating customized away scenes, and integrating with other smart devices provides key benefits beyond just energy savings and convenience.

And with affordable options like Philips Hue, Wyze, and Sengled bulbs, adding smart lighting security has never been more accessible. Deter potential intruders, know what’s happening at home even when away, and ensure your family’s safety – all through the power of smart lighting.

The next step is choosing the right smart bulbs and configurations to start fortifying your home security. Click below to see our top smart light recommendations on Amazon to protect your house with intelligent illumination.

View Top Smart Light Models on Amazon

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