Is the Arlo Pro 3 the Best Wireless Security Camera for You?

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By tom.baldridge

The Arlo Pro 3 is a versatile wireless security camera that delivers robust home security performance. This review provides an in-depth look at the features, capabilities, and value of this camera to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.


With its wireless flexibility, weather resistance, extended battery life, and sharp 2K video, the Arlo Pro 3 is an ideal option for homeowners who want a comprehensive DIY home security solution.


  • Excellent 2K HDR video quality with rich detail and color accuracy. Exceeds quality of 1080p competitors.
  • Color night vision provides clear, vivid footage even in total darkness. Superior to infrared-only night vision.
  • Easy magnetic mounting makes installation and positioning the camera simple.
  • Integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart platforms enables voice controls and home automations.
  • Mobile notifications arrive in seconds after motion detection thanks to fast processing. Enables timely monitoring.


  • Requires separate purchase of the SmartHub base station (~$50-$150 additional cost). Necessary for new Arlo Pro users.
  • Continuous video recording and advanced AI detection requires an Arlo subscription plan after free trial ends. Monthly fees apply.
  • Battery may need recharging every 3-6 months depending on usage frequency. More maintenance than wired cameras.
  • Operating temperature range of 14°F – 113°F means performance may suffer in extreme cold climates.

Easy Set Up in Just a Few Steps

Setting up the Arlo Pro 3 system is straightforward:

  1. Connect the SmartHub to your wifi router using the included ethernet cable and power adapter.
  2. Fully charge the camera battery before first use. Estimated 2-3 hour charge time.
  3. Sync the camera with the SmartHub. The Arlo app provides step-by-step guidance.
  4. Mount the magnetic camera mount where you want to position the Arlo Pro 3.
  5. Attach the camera to the mount by aligning the magnetic contact points. Adjust angle as needed.

Impressive 2K HDR Video Quality

With a crisp 2560×1440 resolution, the Arlo Pro 3 records vivid, detailed video footage during the daytime and at night when the spotlight is activated.

The camera’s automatic HDR (high dynamic range) handles tricky lighting situations like backlighting without overexposing the image. Video quality exceeds 1080p HD resolution from previous Arlo models and competitive cameras.

The wide 130° diagonal field of view captures your entire front yard or driveway. If needed, digitally zoom up to 12x for a closer look.

Reliable Motion and Audio Detection

This camera reliably detects motion and instantly sends alerts to your phone. I found the detection to be highly accurate during my tests.

The microphone and speaker provide clear two-way audio so you can warn off intruders. Trigger the siren remotely for added protection.

For maximum flexibility, create custom motion detection zones in the Arlo app and customize sensitivity as needed. The Pro 3 was very responsive, sending mobile push notifications within 5-10 seconds of detecting movement.

Storage and Smart Home Integration

The Arlo Pro 3 offers both cloud and local storage options:

  • Free 7-day rolling cloud storage of motion event clips up to 5 minutes long. No monthly fees.
  • Connect a USB drive to the SmartHub for continuous local recording.
  • Optional Arlo cloud plans start at $2.99/month for 30-day storage.

Enjoy convenient voice control and automation when you integrate your Arlo Pro 3 system with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings or IFTTT.

Final Verdict

The Arlo Pro 3 is an outstanding wireless security camera that offers robust performance for the price. It earns a rating of 4/5 stars for its straightforward installation, sharp 2K video quality, color night vision, and integration with popular smart home platforms. I recommend the Arlo Pro 3 if you want to monitor your property day and night without installing wiring. Buy the Arlo Pro 3 today to take advantage of its capabilities for your home.


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