Spy Bulb Security Camera Review: Everything You Need to Know

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By tom.baldridge

Home security cameras have evolved rapidly in recent years. Gone are the days of clunky unsightly devices that stick out like a sore thumb in your living space. The Spy Bulb Security Camera offers a cleverly disguised and discreet solution for whole home monitoring.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the features, capabilities, pros and cons of this hidden light bulb indoor/outdoor WiFi camera.

Overview: Covert Surveillance Disguised as a Light Bulb

Spy Bulb Security Camera

The Spy Bulb Camera is ingeniously packaged within a standard soft white LED light bulb form factor. At a glance on the shelf, you’d assume it’s just an ordinary lighting bulb. But unscrew the base and you’ll find it houses a full 1080P HD security camera with night vision, motion tracking, app connectivity and more.

This light bulb design enables discreet video monitoring anywhere in the home. Screw the Spy Bulb into any table lamp, ceiling fixture, or outdoor porch light to setup surveillance in seconds. The camera seamlessly blends into your decor without announcing itself.

Installing the Spy Bulb is quick and easy without any complicated wiring. Simply connect the power adapter and sync it to your WiFi network. You’ll then be able to remotely view and control the camera using the mobile app on your smartphone.

Video Quality & Capabilities of Spy Bulb Security Camera

Spy Bulb Security Camera

The Spy Bulb Camera records crisp 1080P HD footage at 25fps, providing significantly clearer video than 720p resolution. The wide 120° field of view lens combined with 355° horizontal pan and 90° tilt rotation allows complete 360° coverage of any room the camera is placed in.

I found the video feed to be decently sharp and detailed for identifying faces, clothing colors, reading text, and recognizing fine movements during daytime viewing. However, the maximum 1080P resolution lags behind newer security cameras that capture 4K video.

On the plus side, a lower resolution like 1080P requires less bandwidth so video streams more smoothly. I did experience occasional lag and stuttering during live view through the app which was likely due to WiFi signal strength.

Recorded clips played back cleanly with no issues. You can save video locally to a microSD card or leverage cloud storage options.

Spy Bulb Security Camera Night Vision

Instead of traditional black and white night vision, the Spy Bulb maintains color imaging after dark. This is achieved using 36 infrared LEDs surrounding the camera lens.

The color night vision performed admirably in my testing. I could clearly discern clothing, skin tones and other details up to around 50 feet away even in pitch black conditions. This gives a much better sense awareness compared to grayscale video.

Spy Bulb Security Camera Motion Detection & Alerts

Detecting motion is crucial for a security camera to know when to begin recording. The Spy Bulb utilizes intelligent sensors and algorithms to identify human shapes and movement.

Customizable activity zones let you define the areas you want monitored. Whenever motion is detected, the camera pans and tilts to track the subject. Helpful push alerts instantly pop up on your smartphone.

I found the motion tracking worked quickly and accurately. The camera didn’t alert for false motion like ceiling fans or light changes. Motion sensitivity and threshold can also be tuned as needed.

Spy Bulb Security Camera Smart Features

Spy Bulb Security Camera


360 Degrees Panoramic Camera

360 Degrees panoramic view angle, 1080 image resolution. Built-in 4 infrared lights & 4 white LED lights, serves in extremely dark environments. Let’s you see every detail of the monitoring crystal clear. Perfect for you to monitor your home or your pets when you out.

Two-way Audio& Night Vison

Built-in enhanced microphone and speaker and invisiable infrared LEDs. You can see, talk and listen to your loved ones or scare off the unexpected person in real time even if you are not at home.

Easy Installation and Setup

Simply screw this camera into a light socket (Compatible with E26 / E27 light socket ). NO DRILL, NO WIRING, NO POWER CABLE, NO HARD SETUP, then open the app to view your house in real time.

Pan & Tilt Control

Remotely controlling the Spy Bulb’s direction is easy with 355° horizontal pan and 90° vertical tilt available right from the mobile app. This allows you to survey the entire area and follow subjects as they move through the room.

Scheduling & Modes

The app includes options to schedule when motion detection is active. You can set monitoring to be continuous or only during certain time windows and days.

Activity profiles tailor detection sensitivity, motion zones, and recording settings for different situations like home vs away mode. Geofencing based on your phone’s location can also auto switch modes.

Two-Way Audio

Thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, the Spy Bulb Camera supports two-way audio communication. You can listen in and have conversations through the app for enhanced monitoring.

Design, Build Quality & Installation

The Spy Bulb has an A19 bulb shape that fits standard light sockets. It’s designed for easy screw-in installation into table lamps, overhead fixtures, and outdoor lighting. No wiring necessary.

The construction consists of durable ABS plastic able to withstand heat and cold. The bulb camera has an IP66 weatherproof rating for both indoor and outdoor use.

At 2.8 x 5.0 inches tall, the Spy Bulb maintains a discreet profile. The only giveaway is the slightly bulkier base which houses the camera components. But once installed in a fixture, it generally blends right in.

The power adapter conveniently plugs into a nearby outlet to wirelessly power the bulb camera. Suction cups allow mounting the adapter discretely.

Connectivity & App Control


Spy Bulb Security Camera Review

Spy Bulb Camera security camera allows remote control via your smartphone anywhere, anytime! It will record videos automatically when detecting motion. Alert notifications will be quickly pushed to your mobile phone, helping you keep your home safe in time.


The Spy Bulb Camera connects to your home WiFi network on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for flexible positioning. This dual-band support provides extended range and reduces interference.

Controlling the camera and viewing footage is handled through the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The app offers live viewing, recording, motion detection customization, alert management, and more.

I found the app straightforward to use for basic functions like panning the camera angle and looking through event history. However, I’d like to see expanded capabilities for smarter scheduling, geofencing automation, and more detailed alert notifications.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is always a concern when dealing with security cameras. The Spy Bulb Camera provides peace of mind through encrypted video storage both locally and in the cloud.

All data transmission over WiFi is secured with 256-bit encryption. You control user access to the video feed with the ability to add and remove authorized viewers as needed.

Pros & Cons


  • Discreet home security camera hidden in light bulb
  • Sharp 1080P HD live & recorded video
  • Reliable motion tracking with activity zone selection
  • Easy wireless installation into light fixtures
  • 355° pan/90° tilt for complete room coverage
  • Color night vision maintains visibility up to 50 feet
  • Weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use
  • Two-way audio communication support


  • Lacks higher 4K video resolution
  • Occasional lag during live view on mobile app
  • More limited WiFi range than dedicated security cameras
  • No local storage without microSD card
  • Basic app lacks some advanced smart home features

The Verdict

Spy Bulb Security Camera

The Spy Bulb Security Camera delivers on its promise of discreet video monitoring for home security. Setup is quick and easy with no wiring required. Just screw it into any light fixture as you would a normal bulb.

Performance is solid with high quality 1080p video, accurate motion sensing, handy mobile app controls, and excellent night vision. A few drawbacks around 4K video, app capabilities, and WiFi range keep the Spy Bulb from competing head-to-head with top standalone cameras.

But for those prioritizing an inconspicuous hidden camera, the Spy Bulb is a clever solution that installs in minutes and blends into your living areas seamlessly. Just be aware of its limitations versus more robust systems before purchasing.

Overall I was impressed with the streamlined functionality, intelligent motion tracking, and discreet nature of the Spy Bulb camera. For most home monitoring needs, it gets the job done with the bonus of staying discreetly out of sight.

Customer Thoughts on the Spy Bulb Camera

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s what other customers who’ve purchased and installed the Spy Bulb camera have to say:

“Easy to set up with a good quality picture. It tracks people and even our little dog perfectly. I reached out to tech support on a Sunday evening, and they responded immediately. The live feed quality is exceptional and the setup is user-friendly. It’s versatile for use anywhere with the outlet adapter. Highly recommend!”

  • Ryan M., Chicago IL

“This has been the perfect front porch security solution for me. Installation into my existing porch light fixture was a breeze and the app works great. My package deliveries feel more secure now and I love getting motion alerts when anyone approaches my front door.”

  • Tim H., Mesa AZ

“I love having peace of mind checking the live view remotely and getting alerts when my kids get home from school. The video quality surpassed my expectations. Much better clarity than my old indoor WiFi camera that was 4x the price!”

  • Amanda G., Baltimore MD

“Fantastic camera with crystal clear night vision. I have it installed in a discrete outdoor fixture monitoring my driveway and garage. Motion tracking catches every car that pulls up without fail. Just remember placement is important for the best viewing angle.”

  • Steven P., Tacoma WA

The consensus from owners is overwhelmingly positive. Most agree the Spy Bulb delivers reliable home monitoring in a wonderfully discreet and convenient package. It’s a great value way to boost home security without complicated installation.

Spy Bulb Security Camera

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