ADT Review Professional Monitoring and Support

ADT Review: Professional Monitoring and Support

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By tom.baldridge

Since its inception as American District Telegraph in 1874, ADT has been at the forefront of home security. With the rise of smart home technology[4], ADT continues to be a prominent player in the industry, skillfully combining professional monitoring with modern automation. In this ADT review, we’ll explore the various monitoring plans, equipment options, integration capabilities, customer service, and more, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what ADT offers in today’s security landscape.

ADT Home Security Equipment

ADT uses proprietary Control Panel technology to connect components.

  • Door and window sensors detect break-in points
  • Motion detectors spot unwanted visitors
  • Cameras with night vision provide visual verification
  • Smoke, fire, flood sensors detect hazards
  • Carbon monoxide detectors protect against invisible threats
  • Keypads and key fobs arm/disarm the system

Professional installation ensures optimum placement and performance.

ADT Monitoring Plans

ADT offers various monitoring plans to meet different needs and budgets. The main options include: [1,2,3]

  • Professional Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring by ADT professionals, starting at $45/month. Ensures protection even when you’re away.
  • ADT Self Setup: DIY installation with professional monitoring. Plans from $24.99/month. More affordable but limited equipment.
  • SMART Monitoring: Reduces false alarms via alarm verification. No false alarm fines.
  • ADT Pulse: Home automation system to control security, lights, climate etc. Integrates with all plans.
  • Yard Sign: Deterrent to burglars as it advertises ADT protection.

All plans provide live professional monitoring with emergency dispatch and alarm verification to reduce false alarms. Compared to DIY security systems, ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring enables faster emergency response. Unique features like cellular backup provide reliability during outages.

ADT Home Security System

ADT uses a control panel to connect components like door/window sensors, motion detectors, smoke sensors, flood sensors, cameras and more.

Professional installation ensures proper setup while allowing for DIY expansions. Systems continue working during power and internet outages thanks to batteries and cellular connectivity.

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse allows control of security, lighting, locks and other smart devices from a single app.

With customizable scenes, ADT Pulse simplifies home automation. For example, “Arriving home” could disarm the security system and turn on porch lights. Pulse ties into ADT’s monitoring centers for enhanced property oversight when away.

  • View live video feeds from security cameras
  • Remotely arm/disarm, check status of sensors
  • Receive real-time mobile alerts about alarms
  • Control smart home devices like lights and locks

ADT Smart Home Automation

ADT integrates security monitoring with smart home automation through ADT Pulse.

  • Control security system, lights, thermostat, locks from one dashboard
  • Create customized “scenes” like arriving home to automatically adjust multiple devices
  • Voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

This integration sets ADT apart from purely DIY options.

Customer Service and Support

ADT aims to resolve issues promptly via 24/7 customer support. The company earns positive reviews for responsible care. For example, their service plans forgive two false alarms per year as a customer-friendly policy.

Monitoring redundancies prevent outages at ADT’s six U.S.-based monitoring centers, ensuring reliable emergency dispatch.

ADT Pricing and Contracts

ADT’s monitoring plans require long-term contracts, typically 36-60 months after a 6 month initial period [4].

  • Monitoring fees start at $28.99/month with basic plan
  • Equipment costs around $200-$1500 depending on components
  • Installation fees vary, typically $99-$199

While pricier than DIY options, ADT’s professionally installed and monitored systems provide greater security and convenience.

For home security you can rely on 24/7, ADT is a top choice with their smart monitoring technology and robust features. Visit their website at adt.com to request a free quote

Conclusion: A Strong Option for Home Security

Pros: Professionally installed and monitored, flexible monitoring plans, modern equipment, smart home integration, helpful customer service

Cons: Long-term contracts, high equipment costs

For robust home protection with smart features, ADT is a top choice. Visit adt.com to request a free quote and have your security needs analyzed by an ADT professional. With 140+ years of experience, ADT has proven their reliability in securing what matters most. [4]


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