Maximus Smart Security Light Install Guide 2023

Maximus Smart Security Light Installation 2023

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By tom.baldridge

The Maximus Smart Security Light is a groundbreaking, multi-purpose security solution that serves as both an ultra-bright LED floodlight and a cutting-edge home security camera. Proper Maximus Smart Security Light Installation is crucial for maximizing the benefits of this versatile smart home device.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to choose the optimal mounting location, securely install the mounting bracket, connect the electrical wires, affix the light, download the mobile app, connect to WiFi, configure settings, link to voice assistants, and set up customizable alerts.

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate the Maximus Smart Security Light into your home’s security ecosystem. If installing the Kuna Camera Floodlight find instruction manual here.

**Before diving into the installation guide, it’s important to note that the Maximus Smart Security Light is now owned by Kuna. As of Summer 2021, Kuna has taken over the Maximus Smart Security brand1. The Maximus Smart Security Light is now called the Kuna Camera Porch Light, and both products use the same setup flow in the Kuna App1. This provides valuable context and ensures that you have accurate information when installing and using the product.

Step 1: Choose the Right Mounting Location

Picking the optimal exterior mounting location is important for maximizing the Maximus Smart Security Light’s motion detection range and field of view.

Aim to select a location that meets these criteria:

  • Provides a wide 140-degree field of view of any vulnerable entry points, driveways, or yards
  • Allows the motion sensor to detect movement at optimal range of 30+ feet
  • Has good WiFi signal strength for connecting the device
  • Is a sturdy wall or eave that can support the light’s weight

Ideally, choose an area that covers a large exterior region so the Maximus light can leverage its industry-leading 30-foot motion detection range.

Step 2: Securely Mount the Included Bracket

The Maximus Smart Security Light comes with a durable metal mounting bracket. To install:

  • Mark where to place the bracket using a pencil and measuring tape
  • Use a drill to pre-drill holes for the bracket screws (optional for easier installation)
  • Use the provided hardware to securely affix the bracket onto the wall/eave
  • Check that the bracket is centered properly and can support the weight

Ensure the bracket is fastened tightly onto a solid surface like wood or concrete. This provides a stable base for the security light.

Step 3: Connect the Electrical Wires

Electrical wiring is required to power the Maximus Smart Security Light. Here’s how to wire it up:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker for safety during installation
  • Open your existing exterior electrical junction box
  • Connect the Maximus light’s input wires to the junction box wires:
    • Black wire to hot/live
    • White wire to neutral
    • Green or copper wire to ground
  • Organize wires neatly using wire nuts and secure any loose connections
  • Confirm wiring is correct before restoring power

Hire a professional electrician if you need assistance during the wiring process. Use caution when working with electrical connections.

Step 4: Affix Light onto the Mounted Bracket

Maximus Smart Security Light Install

Once wiring is complete, you can permanently affix the Maximus Smart Security Light onto the installed bracket:

  • Line up the bolt holes on the light with those on the bracket
  • Insert the provided bolts through the matched holes
  • Use a wrench to tighten the bolts until snug
  • Restore power and test that the light turns on
  • Adjust the light’s angle as needed to optimize the direction of illumination

The light may require some adjustment to achieve the ideal angle. Take care not to overtighten the bolts.

Step 5: Download the Maximus Mobile App

To configure and control the Maximus Smart Security Light, you’ll need the Maximus mobile app.

To download:

  • On your iOS or Android smartphone, search “Maximus” in the app store
  • Download and install the app titled “Maximus Smart Security”
  • Open the app and create an account if first time user

The app provides access to the light’s security camera feeds, controls, and settings from anywhere.

Step 6: Connect Light to WiFi Using the App

Next, you’ll need to link the Maximus Smart Security Light to your home WiFi network for wireless control:

  • In the Maximus app, select “Add Device”
  • Choose “Security Light” from device types
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to sync the light to your WiFi
  • Specify a name for your light and set a control password
  • Allow several minutes for the sync process to complete

Once connected, you’ll be able to fully control the light through the app.

Step 7: Customize Settings as Desired

Using the Maximus app, you can customize your security light’s settings:

  • Motion sensor sensitivity – higher sensitivity increases detection range
  • Light duration after motion triggers – 1 to 10 minutes
  • Light brightness level – 25% to 100% brightness
  • Scheduling – set hours and modes (on, off, motion-activated)

Adjust these settings in the app based on your lighting needs and preferences.

Step 8: Link Your Voice Assistant for Hands-Free Control

For voice control convenience, link your Maximus Smart Security Light with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

To enable:

  • In the respective app, discover and add the “Maximus” skill
  • Log in using your Maximus app credentials
  • Discover devices to link your Maximus light

You can now control lighting, view camera feeds, and more using voice commands.

Step 9: Set Up Alert Notifications for Motion Detection

Maximus Smart Security Light Install

For added security, turn on push and voice alerts for motion detection:

  • In the Maximus app, go to Alert Settings
  • Toggle alerts on and select modes and times
  • Customize motion detection zones if needed

You’ll now get real-time notifications if unexpected motion is ever detected around your home.

Thoughtfully installing your Maximus Smart Security Light using this step-by-step guide will ensure it’s optimized to provide maximum outdoor protection and convenience through bright, intelligent lighting and crystal clear video surveillance powered by AI. Enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that comes with a fully integrated smart home security ecosystem.

Real-World Performance and Customer Reviews

In real-world testing and customer reviews, the Maximus Smart Security Light delivers excellent performance when it comes to key metrics like motion detection range, camera activation speed, video quality, and brightness:

  • “The motion sensor consistently detected activity more than 30 feet from the light – impressive!”
  • “It took just a couple seconds from detection to the floodlights turning on and recording.”
  • “Even at night, the footage was clear, sharp, and brightly lit with no graininess.”
  • “The LED light panels are incredibly bright when triggered – easily illuminates my whole yard corner to corner.”

By following this complete installation and setup guide, you can easily experience the Maximus Smart Security Light’s stellar real-world performance and capabilities for yourself. Enjoy elevated home protection with 24/7 motion-activated security lighting and surveillance.


Installing the feature-packed Maximus Smart Security Light properly is key to maximizing its dual functionality as a high-powered LED floodlight and HD security camera in one device. Follow this step-by-step guide to choose the optimal location, mount the bracket, connect electrical wiring, affix the light, download the app, customize settings, link to voice control, and set up motion alerts. In no time, you’ll be able to fully leverage the Maximus Smart Security Light to brighten, protect, and monitor your home’s exterior 24/7 with customizable smart lighting and crystal clear surveillance on demand. Check out the Maximus website for additional tips, troubleshooting, and support.

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