SimpliSafe vs ADT: Best Home Security Comparison 2023

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Protecting our homes is a top concern for many families today. With crime rates fluctuating across the country, home security systems like SimpliSafe and ADT provide vital peace of mind. But choosing between them can be challenging. In this SimpliSafe vs ADT comparison, we’ll review the pros, cons, features, and more to help you decide: ‘Is SimpliSafe or ADT the best home security system for me?

Overview of SimpliSafe and ADT Home Security

SimpliSafe and ADT are both leading home security companies nationwide that offer monitoring and protection.

SimpliSafe, founded in 2006, focuses on easy-to-install DIY systems for flexibility and affordability.

ADT is an established veteran with 145+ years of experience. They offer customized, professionally installed systems with smart home integration.

SimpliSafe vs ADT

Both provide features like smart doorbell cameras, automation compatibility, and mobile app access. However, SimpliSafe and ADT differ across equipment, installation, contracts, pricing, and more.

How SimpliSafe and ADT Security Features Compare

SimpliSafe and ADT have some differing components and functionality:

Control Panels

The control panel is the central “brain” of these automated systems. SimpliSafe uses touchscreen panels with wireless connectivity. ADT offers basic or next-gen smart panels.


Both provide sensors to detect motion, doors, smoke, leaks and more. SimpliSafe focuses on streamlined wireless sensors while ADT uses wired and wireless.


SimpliSafe has indoor/outdoor HD cameras with motion alerts and night vision. ADT offers similar cameras plus video doorbells and facial recognition.

Professional Monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring is available through both companies, where agents dispatch emergency assistance if an alarm triggers. SimpliSafe uses their own UL-listed monitoring centers while ADT partners with networked monitoring stations.

Mobile Apps

Both SimpliSafe and ADT allow you to control your system remotely via iOS or Android apps. Real-time notifications keep you informed of any activity.

SimpliSafe vs ADT and-simplisafe-mobile-apps

Smart Home Integration

Each system works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT and more. But ADT offers deeper home automation through additional partnerships.

Installation, Setup and Equipment Comparison

Installation and setup differ significantly between DIY SimpliSafe and professionally installed ADT systems:

InstallationDIY self-installationProfessional installation
Setup Time1-2 hours3-5 hours typically
EquipmentSimpliSafe branded onlyVariety of equipment options

For equipment, SimpliSafe locks you into their own devices designed for easy DIY installs. ADT lets you integrate third-party devices and smart home tools. SimpliSafe focuses more on basics while ADT emphasizes robust smart features.

Pricing and Contracts: SimpliSafe vs. ADT

Pricing and contracts create major differences between SimpliSafe and ADT:

Equipment Cost$99-$489$99-$1,899
Monthly Fee$15-$60$28.99-$77.99
Contract TermNone36 months
Total Cost$540-$2,160$1,467-$5,043

SimpliSafe is the budget-friendly choice overall, with lower equipment costs and no long-term contract. ADT carries higher price tags for professional monitoring and advanced equipment. Their multi-year contracts secure promotional rates but lock you in long-term.

Both offer financing options to offset upfront purchase and installation costs. Existing discounts and deals from SimpliSafe and ADT can provide savings on your initial security investment as well.

SimpliSafe vs. ADT: Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support is where SimpliSafe and ADT really differentiate themselves:

  • SimpliSafe provides DIY installation resources via online knowledge bases, videos and chatbots. Their phone, email and chat support have limited hours.
  • ADT offers 24/7 professional installation and robust in-person or online support. Customers praise the installers but reviews of customer service responsiveness are mixed.

Third-party ratings give SimpliSafe excellent marks for helpful DIY-focused assistance. ADT earns good but more mixed reviews, with some dissatisfaction regarding administrative and billing issues after signing lengthy contracts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SimpliSafe Security

Here are the top pros and cons of choosing SimpliSafe for your home:


  • Affordable equipment & no long-term contract
  • Easy DIY installation with no tools or wiring
  • Streamlined app for remote access & controls
  • Works without WiFi using cellular backup
  • Highly customizable and portable


  • Limited tech support and troubleshooting
  • Fewer smart home integrations
  • No outdoor cameras in basic package
  • Short 2-3 year equipment lifespan

Advantages and Disadvantages of ADT Security

The primary benefits and drawbacks of ADT include:


  • Professional installation and support
  • Customized systems with advanced options
  • Robust smart home and automation
  • Cutting-edge equipment and tech
  • Top-rated 24/7 monitoring app


  • Very expensive with long 3-year contracts
  • Mixed reviews of customer service
  • Older panels may need upgrading
  • Potential undisclosed fees
AspectSimpliSafe Pros & ConsADT Pros & Cons
Affordable OptionsAffordable equipment & no long-term contractVery expensive with long 3-year contracts
InstallationEasy DIY installation with no tools or wiringProfessional installation and support
App & Remote ControlsStreamlined app for remote access & controlsTop-rated 24/7 monitoring app
ConnectivityWorks without WiFi using cellular backupCutting-edge equipment and tech
CustomizationHighly customizable and portableCustomized systems with advanced options & robust smart home and automation
Tech SupportLimited tech support and troubleshootingMixed reviews of customer service
Smart Home IntegrationsFewer smart home integrations
Outdoor CamerasNo outdoor cameras in basic package
Equipment LifespanShort 2-3 year equipment lifespanOlder panels may need upgrading & potential undisclosed fees

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Real Customer Experiences

Analyzing genuine customer reviews provides useful insight into real-world satisfaction:

  • SimpliSafe users praise easy setup, simple controls, and affordability. Most felt it met basic security needs at a reasonable price.
  • ADT customers highlight tailored professional installation and monitoring for peace of mind. Complaints center on poor customer service and billing issues after long contracts.

Overall, SimpliSafe fits best if you want an affordable DIY-friendly security option. Tech savvy homeowners favored its simplicity and transparency.

ADT earns higher marks for robust smart features and integration. Those needing custom security for large or complex spaces also preferred ADT’s professional approach.

Final Recommendation: SimpliSafe or ADT?

In summary, SimpliSafe is the best home security option for budget-conscious DIYers while ADT offers greater customization for larger smart homes.

Consider your unique needs and home layout. SimpliSafe gives solid monitoring and protection for many starting out with security. ADT satisfies users wanting the latest automated features and tech with professional monitoring.

Choosing the provider aligned with your priorities will help you safely and affordably protect your home and family.

Interested in learning more? Get free quotes from SimpliSafe and ADT by clicking below!

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