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Terms of Use for SecurityBulbs.com

The subsequent Terms of Use pertain to the array of websites, applications, and services provided by Valnet Inc. These terms meticulously govern your interaction with and utilization of the services and websites furnished by Valnet Inc., encompassing SecurityBulbs.com.

Kindly peruse these Terms of Use (“Terms”) meticulously prior to accessing SecurityBulbs.com (including all its extensions) (hereinafter referred to as “the Website” or “SecurityBulbs”). These Terms cover all facets of SecurityBulbs (“SecurityBulbs Sites”) and the complete spectrum of linked content, encompassing but not limited to emails, RSS feeds, and videos.

By engaging with the Website, you implicitly consent to adhere to the Terms of Use. Should you not concur with these Terms of Use, we advise discontinuing your utilization of the Website.

Content at SecurityBulbs.com

Every article featured on SecurityBulbs.com is an original creation, safeguarded by pertinent copyrights and other proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights. All content is the intellectual property of SecurityBulbs.com.

SecurityBulbs.com lays no claim to images/photos unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The Website may furnish links to other websites, services, or resources accessible on the internet. These external resources are beyond SecurityBulbs’ jurisdiction, and you acknowledge that SecurityBulbs bears no responsibility or liability for the essence, functionality, precision, legality, suitability, or any other dimension of such external websites, services, or resources. Additionally, you concur that SecurityBulbs shall not bear any direct or indirect liability for any harm or loss, real or alleged, ensuing from the employment of or reliance on the content, commodities, or services accessible through any such website or resource.

Ensuring Accuracy

SecurityBulbs.com functions as an editorial platform, offering general insights into areas such as film, television, and related subjects. The content on the site may occasionally contain minor inaccuracies or errors; the Website does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content. You recognize that the content might include inaccuracies and discrepancies, and we explicitly renounce liability for such inconsistencies or errors.

Appropriate Content Usage

SecurityBulbs is designed solely for personal, non-commercial purposes, and not for the benefit of any third party. If you are below the age of consent as per applicable jurisdiction, your parent or legal guardian must endorse the Terms of Use on your behalf.

SecurityBulbs permits the utilization of its original content for non-commercial replication, requiring attribution to SecurityBulbs through a link to the website along with the displayed logo. Additionally, limited portions, quotes, or screenshots can be reproduced with due credit to SecurityBulbs through a link.

However, such usage should not imply SecurityBulbs’ endorsement of you or your utilization of the work.

The rights extended herein will not encroach on your fair dealing or fair use rights, or other pertinent copyright exemptions, limitations, and/or privileges that others might possess concerning the work itself or its usage.

This permission does not encompass republishing images from SecurityBulbs where the copyright might not be held by SecurityBulbs, except within the scope of a complete website screenshot. SecurityBulbs does not vouch for third-party content utilization that is featured on the Website.

Any other actions like copying, altering, broadcasting, redistribution, or publication, unless expressly permitted, are strictly prohibited.

Content usage is strictly prohibited on platforms that promote adult content, hate, racism, or illicit materials.

RSS Feeds

SecurityBulbs.com may provide an RSS Feed. If you employ the RSS feed, kindly refrain from altering it in any manner, including removing advertisements or adding content. SecurityBulbs retains the right to halt RSS feed distribution or alter content/formatting without notice, and can also impose cessation of RSS feed utilization.

Reproduction of screenshots in print is permissible if the URL, website name, and logo are visibly present. Reproduction in print is also allowed when the content is accurately attributed to SecurityBulbs, including the website name, URL, and logo in references. However, the use of images from the Website in print is not allowed.

The print medium must abstain from promoting adult content, hate, racism, or any form of illegal content.


All content on SecurityBulbs is provided “as is,” and SecurityBulbs shall not be held accountable for your use of the information, content, feeds, etc. Your use of the site is at your own discretion. SecurityBulbs will not be liable for complaints regarding the content or images you choose to showcase on your site or in print.

SecurityBulbs maintains no affiliation with celebrities, brands, or entities mentioned on the website. Information about net worth, item value, etc., may be approximate and not accurate. Other content is opinion-based and should not be considered factual. SecurityBulbs disclaims responsibility for erroneous information or inaccuracies.

Intellectual Property Rights

Out of respect for intellectual property rights, SecurityBulbs has a policy to remove User Submissions that infringe on copyright laws. Pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 512, SecurityBulbs adheres to a policy of receiving written notices of copyright infringement and handling such claims accordingly. If you suspect a user of infringing your copyright, please send a written notice to the provided agent.

Periodically, we may share affiliate links to third-party websites on SecurityBulbs. Each article containing affiliate links will be clearly labeled. We are part of various affiliate programs, including Amazon Associate, Ebay Partner Network, Wal-Mart Affiliates, ComiXology Affiliate, FabFitFun, and Bumpboxes.com, earning commissions from qualifying purchases. Participation in specific programs may be subject to restrictions. We hold no liability for any third-party restrictions or actions.

User Comments

SecurityBulbs allows users to comment and discuss content on the platform. By posting comments, you agree to follow the provided guidelines:

Comments must conform to the Terms of Use, excluding illegal, obscene, threatening, libelous, or racist content. The content should respect individual privacy and intellectual property rights, without being offensive.

You remain responsible for your comment’s content. SecurityBulbs does not control posted content and cannot guarantee accuracy or reliability. SecurityBulbs is not accountable for content, existence, quality, legality, security, or conformity of comments on the platform.

You must provide truthful, non-misleading information compliant with laws and regulations.

Defamatory or unfounded allegations are not allowed. Comments should be explicit and substantiated.

Impersonating individuals or entities is prohibited

. Misleading comments about source or identity are also forbidden.

Please contribute relevant and courteous comments. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or racist remarks that may result in legal action. SecurityBulbs reserves the right to edit or delete non-compliant comments.

Comments become SecurityBulbs’ property and may be edited for errors, obscenities, or hate speech without notice. Email addresses submitted with comments will not be misused.

Inappropriate Comments

Parties can request comment deletion or modification if the comment violates the Terms of Use. Requests should be sent to the provided email with the comment link and reasons. Responses are usually given within 48-72 hours.

Illegal Use

Deciphering, decompiling, reverse engineering, or attempting to source code is prohibited.

Actions burdening the Website’s infrastructure or disrupting its function are prohibited.

Bypassing access restrictions, spam, or unauthorized automation is not allowed.

Manual/automated software, devices, or processes to crawl/scrape the Website are prohibited.

SecurityBulbs reserves the right to terminate access for violations.


SecurityBulbs retains the exclusive right to modify these Terms of Use. Minor changes take effect immediately, while major changes are effective 30 days after publication. The posting date is indicated at the document’s end. Continued usage implies acceptance of modified terms.

Privacy and Confidentiality

While SecurityBulbs respects user privacy, internet confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Users bear responsibility if confidential information is disclosed. SecurityBulbs may cooperate with law enforcement for investigations or crime-related matters.

Limitation of Liability

SecurityBulbs disclaims liability for indirect, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages arising from Website use.

Damages arising from SecurityBulbs’ actions or omissions or Website use are insufficient for injunctive relief restricting access.


These Terms of Use constitute the complete agreement between SecurityBulbs and users, superseding prior agreements. Failure to enforce a provision does not waive it. Invalid provisions do not affect remaining validity.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use adhere to jurisdiction laws. Proceedings are exclusively submitted to competent courts. Users are responsible for compliance.


Headings are for convenience, not interpretation.

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